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GDU 24mm

GDU 24mm

GDU 24mm



Part# LNS-24-BR  UPC#850009653000


The heart of the GDU 24mm is a Canon 24mm F2.8 optical block stripped down to its core
and then built back up with  an armored precision machined mil spec 7075 Aluminum
housing.  The manual focus ring has been completely removed to avoid accidental
focus adjustments and all movement is regulated to it's internal STM motors for remote
focus and iris control. An electronic  Stainless Steel Canon EF mount finishes off the
rear and out front the GDU 24mm Includes a 37mm  protective UV  filter inset within
a a 46mm non-threaded protective ridge.  Specs -Super 35mm APS-C coverage in an
strong, lightweight and slim design. Perfect for RED cameras with Canon Mount,
 Canon 7D and other Canon APS-C cameras,   Sony Nex / A7 with AF Canon adapter etc.
Not for use on Full Frame Canon 5D. -STM stepper focus motor provides quiet and
smooth continuous AF or remote MF during video recording on any camera that supports
CANON AF.  -Iris mechanism uses micro-stepping drive control for quiet smooth
adjustments. -Aspheric lens element helps you achieve a high level of image quality
from the center to the periphery. -Optimized lens arrangement and coating helps
minimize ghosting and flare. -7 Iris blades delivers beautiful, soft backgrounds.
-Minimum focusing distance of 0.5 ft./0.16 m; maximum magnification of x0.27.
-Total Weight including 37mm filter : 0.4 lbs. -CANON EF MOUNT.
*This is an electronic only lens, your camera MUST be able to drive the motors
electronically for both Focus and IRIS adjustments.  This  includes most Canon APS-C
cameras, RED cameras with DSMC Canon mounts, and various other cameras with
electronic EF mounts. 

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