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GDU Derringer handle for Komodo

GDU Derringer handle for Komodo



RIGHT PART# K-HDR-R   UPC#850009653291
LEFT PART#K-HDR-L UPC#850009653307
SET PART#K-HDR-RL UPC#850009653314

The new GDU Derringer handle attaches to Komodo with Timmy Rib ( required ) for a super low profile, super compact and tight setup for handheld.   There is no rotation on this handle, but it can be mounted higher or lower on the Timmy Ribs in 3 vertical positions. 

Machined out of 6061 Aluminum with carved stubby walnut handle. 

Includes mounting Bolts and driver to attach to Timmy Rib


Email us for same day pickup in Hollywood. orders need to be placed before 3:00pm